The Power Of Organic Farming In Iowa

Nov 8, 2019

Organic farming is on the rise in Iowa according to ISU Extension Organic Specialist Kathleen Delate.

"Unique advantages associated with organic practices are pushing the industry forward," she says. 

Delate joins Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe to talk about organic farming and how crop diversity can optimize profits during this episode of the show. By cultivating many different types of organic plants, she says farmers avoid the risk of growing just one or two failing crops.

"Organic farms as a whole are much more diverse than our conventional corn, soybean farms," Delate says.

Delate is also organizing the 2019 Iowa Organic Conference, which will take place on Nov. 24 and 25 at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City. The conference will focus on how crop diversity can lead to economic stability for organic farmers. 

Later on, Delate and ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist Richard Jauron answer questions from listeners regarding agriculture, plants and trees. 


  • Kathleen Delate, ISU Extension Organic Specialist
  • Richard Jauron, ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist