Podcast: Under The Golden Dome Week 14 (4/14/2017)

Apr 14, 2017

As the end of the session nears, leaders are often asked a simple "yes or no" about the likelihood of a bill becoming law.  The Senate president says a bill that would change how independent water utilities are managed isn't moving forward.  This bill's passage would affect the Des Moines Water Works, for example. 

A last-minute addition of a medical marijuana bill passes through committees and is eligible for debate in the Senate, but even if it gets this far, House leaders say representatives will not pass it.  We have a few moments from the subcommittee where advocates make their case and lawmakers lay out how a medical cannibals program with 12 dispensaries would work in Iowa.

We will hear some of the unusual legislative procedures around a "Sanctuary City" bill passing in the Senate. It's eligibility is questioned, a senator uses a rare rule allowing him to not vote but remain in the chamber, and there is an unexpected interruption that causes everyone to evacuate the chamber during the heated debate.

Not all bills that pass undergo a contentious debate. Some pass with no opposition in the House like a bill changing criminal penalties.  In some cases it will lighten sentencing and in others it will be harder.  A discussion from our talk show originating in the Capitol's Law Library with two representatives who want the bill to move forward in the Senate.

Our show closes with a moment from Governor Branstad's bill signing ceremony expanding the rights of gun owners. 

This is the last scheduled full week of the legislative session but with details of the next year's budget starting to come out, it's unlikely the lawmakers will adjourn next Tuesday.  They may be here for another week or two.  It's hard to say, but we we will have at least one more podcast of Under The Golden Dome before retiring the show for the year.