Podcast: Under The Golden Dome Week 13 (4/7/2017)

Apr 7, 2017


This week, the House passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the state's history.  It bans abortions after 20 weeks except when the life of the mother is in danger.  The bill originated in the Senate two week ago, but the House makes many revisions.  In this podcast, we condense the six-and-a-half hour long debate from the chamber floor to 15 minutes.

Last year, the legislature approved funding to fix the Capitol's dome.  For a couple of years moisture has gradually been leaking in.  Repairs are beginning this week with a large scaffolding being built around the building's signature golden dome.

A lawsuit is filed against the state by the Iowa State Education Association, over the new collective bargaining laws.  It is the second to challenge how public unions can negotiate for benefits and salaries.

This and next year's state budget are not growing as expected due to a lack of income to the state, and lawmakers are beginning to consider eliminating tax incentives to help the budget.  It is now decided the earned income tax credit will not be eliminated, as it affects low income people and isn't likely to stimulate job growth.

Also, legislators are now going to have to start paying more for their health insurance in 2018.