Podcast: Under The Golden Dome Week 10 (3/17/2017)

Mar 17, 2017

Week 10's podcast begins with the state of Iowa being low on money, again.  The Revenue Estimating Conference projects a $131 million shortfall by July 1st. Legislative leaders say budget cuts this close to the end of the fiscal year aren't practical, so the state's rainy day funds will be used.

The REC's short term forecast gives backers some momentum for a proposed amendment to the state's constitution.  Senate Joint Resolution 9 would turn some of Iowa's balanced budgeting laws into an amendment.  It has the support of all Senate Republicans and some Democrats, but Democratic Senator Herman Quirmbach isn't one of them.  He says Iowa is fiscally responsible in the long term and a rare erroneous short term forecast from the REC shouldn't be the basis for an amendment.

Also this week in the Senate, a bill banning most abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy passes.  It includes a provision banning abortion if a fetus can be considered viable and live outside of the mother's body before 20 weeks of pregnancy.