Pints and Politics: Lynda's Last Call

May 10, 2019

In this edition of Pints and Politics, panelists discuss the problems with determining the "electability" of presidential candidates, talk about Iowa's 2020 congressional races, and predict what unfinished legislative priorities might pop up again next year at the Iowa Statehouse. 

They also say farewell to Gazette columnist, Lynda Waddington, who is leaving her position as a columnist to take a job at Tanager Place, a regional nonprofit with a focus on children's mental health. 

In her last Pints and Politics discussion, Waddington encourages everyone to step outside their comfort zone.

"Coming out on stage and doing this event every time was a challenge," she says. "I was so nervous to come out here. [...] "So, what I would like to leave you with is the adage of, 'Do things that scare you.' This has been challenging and incredibly rewarding. and I am so happy to have spent time with all of you."

The next Pints and Politics will be hosted on Thursday, June 20th at Big Grove in Iowa City.