Pints and Politics: Betsy Devos, Gov. Kim Reynolds, and the Future of Iowa Schools

Mar 22, 2019

Our founding fathers gathered in taverns to enjoy lively political conversation over a local brew, and so do we.

This episode of River to River, Pints & Politics” presented by The Gazette and Iowa Public Radio, was recorded live on Thursday, March 21 at Theatre Cedar Rapids.

The conversation was co-hosted by River to River host Ben Kieffer and Gazette investigative reporter Erin Jordan. The panel featured Gazette columnists Lynda Waddington and Adam Sullivan, along with Gazette political reporter James Lynch.

Topics discussed in the program include:

  • State and federal response to recent flooding in Iowa
  • The crowded field of 2020 presidential hopefuls
  • President Trump’s recent comments on the late Senator John McCain
  • The shooting massacre at two masques in Christchurch, New Zeeland
  • A controversial voting bill making its way through the Iowa Senate
  • Iowa's second so-called “Ag Gag” bill
  • Funding for public schools in Iowa
  • Sports betting legislation making its way through the Iowa legislature