Our Favorite Albums Of 2015...So Far

Jun 16, 2015

IPR's Mark Simmet, Tressa Glass and Tony Dehner discuss their favorite albums of 2015 so far.
Credit IPR/Jason Burns

 What's almost as much fun as listening to your favorite music? Talking about it, of course! And with the year already half over, we've got a built-in excuse!

In the first ever podcast produced for the "B-Side" blog, the Studio One team sits down to talk about our favorite albums released in the first half of 2015. We were inspired to do this by a question IPR's Charity Nebbe asked Tony and Mark during last year's "Best Music of 2014" edition of Talk Of Iowa: were we biased towards releases that came out later in the year? We had a lot of fun looking back on the year so far, disagreeing with and teasing each other, and wondering whether or not our picks will be on our year-end lists, just six months from now!

We hope you enjoy the podcast, and we hope to hear your thoughts. Did we get it right or wrong? What are you looking forward to in the second half of the year? Email us at studioone@iowapublicradio.org, or find us on Facebook or Twitter. We want to hear from you!