New Memoir About Griff, Drake University's Retiring Mascot

Jun 17, 2020

At Drake University, there is one top dog on campus: Griff the bulldog. Unfortunately, June 30 marks Griff's last day as Drake University's mascot. In the fall, "Griff II (aka, George)" will take his place during a change of harness ceremony. To honor Griff's tenure as mascot, author Gary Porter wrote a memoir about Griff entitled "Griff: My Life as Drake's Top Dog."

Although Griff does not do live interviews, on this episode of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe speaks with Gary Porter, author and Erin Bell, Griff's mom.


  • Gary Porter, author of "Griff, My Life as Drake’s Top Dog"
  • Erin Bell, director of Drake University's Live Mascot Program and Griff's mom