More Iowans Allowed to Use, But Not Buy, Medical Marijuana

Jun 13, 2017

Iowa passed emergency rules Tuesday to expand the list of medical conditions that allow a patient to use medical marijuana. It's the first phase of implementing the new medical marijuana law signed last month.  

Iowans diagnosed with cancer, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS and other severe or terminal illnesses can start applying for a registration card June 19.

When cards are issued in August, those patients still won't be able to legally obtain medical marijuana in the state.

Randy Mayer is coordinating the Department of Public Health’s Office of Medical Cannabidiol. He says the state is working on a second phase of rules to address manufacturing and dispensing cannabis oil. 

"But until those rules are written and there are requests for proposals put out, there really is no mechanism in place for people to obtain cannabidiol in the state," Mayer says.  

Dispensaries would be required to start up by December 2018.

Mayer says the new applications will require certification from a primary care provider and a $100 fee. About 6,000 Iowans are expected to participate in the program.