"Mid-Americana" Podcast Shares Stories Of The Midwest

Oct 28, 2019

A new podcast, "Mid-Americana: Stories from a Changing Midwest" is harnessing the power of oral storytelling to explore the history and identity of the Midwest. 

Central College Director of Sustainability Education Brian Campbell and Central College English Professor Josh Dolezal join Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe to discuss their project, which hopes to break down myths and stereotypes about the Midwest. 

"We hope to debunk some [Midwestern] myths and replace them with stories about the places that we see, as we're calling it, 'a changing Midwest,'" Dolezal says. "It's a dynamic region, really a fertile and innovative place and so I think that's at the forefront of what we hope comes out of these stories."

The initial season of the podcast is titled "Homecoming" and will feature eight Iowa natives who left the state but returned for a variety of reasons. Episodes will be released at a Nov. 6  launch party at Raygun in Des Moines.


  • Brian Campbell, director of sustainability education at Central College
  • Josh Dolezal, professor of English at Central College