Media Ethics: Behind The Carson King Saga

Sep 27, 2019


Carson King, 24, has raised over $1 million for charity and a wave of controversy after going viral with a sign requesting beer money at the Cyclone-Hawkeye game on Sept. 14. Media Ethicist and Iowa State University Professor Michael Bugega joins this 'News Buzz' edition of River to River to give his perspective on the investigation of Carson's past tweets by The Des Moines Register and the following backlash. 

Political Science Professor Dennis Goldford of Drake University talks with host Ben Kieffer on the impeachment inquiry that is currently ongoing against President Donald Trump. 

Dan Gould of the the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports adds to the conversation with an explanation of the culture surrounding sports behavior. 

Later on, Rabia Chaudry, author of 'Adnan's Story: The Search For Truth And Justice After Serial', talks to Ben about where Adnan is now, and the treatment of Muslims and other minorities in the courts and justice system.    


  • Dennis Goldford, political science professor at Drake University
  •  Michael Bugeja, Iowa State University professor of journalism
  • Dan Gould, director of the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports and a professor of kinesiology at Michigan State University 
  • Rabia Chaudry, lawyer behind the HBO docuseries, "The Case Against Adnan Syed"
  • Samuel Menghesteab, author with the University of Iowa International Writing Program
  • Mark Simmet, IPR Studio One