Managing Debt And Saving Money: Advice From NPR's Life Kit

Jul 10, 2019

The average American has about 38,000 dollars in personal debt, and that doesn't include mortgages. On this personal finance edition of Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe tackles the problems of personal debt with Chris Arnold, NPR Personal Finance Correspondent and a host of NPR's personal finance Life Kit podcasts, and author of A Girls's Guide to Personal Finance, Joey Beech.

The conversation covers a variety of topics, including credit cards, debt consildation, medical bills, retirement planning and several tools and strategies to help get out of debt and build equity. 

Below is a list of resources mentioned in the program.

Guests include:

  • Chris Arnold; NPR Personal Finance Correspondent, host of NPR's Life Kit Personal Finance Podcasts.
  • Joey Beech; Executive Director at Ankeny Economic Development Corporation.

Below are two Life Kit podcast episodes from Arnold's Getting Out of Debt series as well as the Secrects to Saving and Investing.