Magical Marimbas invade Studio One

Jun 6, 2018

Credit Heartland Marimba

On Wednesday, June 13th at noon, Matthew Coley and the Heartland Marimba Ensemble will bring their marimba music to IPR’s Studio One!  They will perform a “fun and festive selection of music from around the world.” Tune in on Wednesday, June 13th at noon for this magical live Studio One Iowa Arts Showcase broadcast!

Matthew Coley, executive director of Heartland Marimba, created the organization in 2014 to “celebrate the marimba, its history, and its performers and music.” The organization has grown since then and now includes two ensembles, a summer touring group, a festival, and a summer youth program. The Heartland Marimba Ensemble of 2018 consists of Matthew Coley, Ujjal Bhattacharyya, Charles Lovell, Alyssa Resh, and Matt Silverberg, many of whom are grad students at various colleges and universities across the nation.

The ensemble will be touring in Iowa and Wisconsin throughout June and July. Audience members will experience a “unique symbiosis of visual and aural splendor” of each performer “gliding up and down the instrument” to produce the beautiful sound of the “singing wood.” In addition, Heartland Marimba encourages audience members to ask questions and join them on stage to explore and learn about the instruments.

Tune in to hear Matthew’s magical marimba music and listen to Matthew talk about his passion for the marimba and showcasing its magnificence for all to see and hear. That’s Wednesday, June 13th at noon in Iowa Public Radio’s Studio One!

Matthew Coley
Credit Heartland Marimba