Love House Concerts? Sign up for Home Ditty

Mar 20, 2017

Live music enthusiasts of Iowa, rejoice. Your options are expanding. There's a new start up in Des Moines that intends to match people who want to host house concerts with musicians. It's called HomeDitty. 

During this segment, host Charity Nebbe talks with Katie Byers, founder and CEO of a matchmaking service of sorts called HomeDitty, meant to connect artists with people who want to host concerts. 

"I started hosting house concerts just over two years ago. The first time I hosted one, I literally Googled 'how to host a house concert,'" Byers says. "There’s also a lot of storytelling at these concerts. There’s almost more storytelling than there is music sometimes, so if you like hearing about life on the road or what is behind a song, it’s a different experience. I am hoping this helps venues in Des Moines build more audience for bands or for live music in general." 

Scott Cerny, half of the folk duo The Cerny Brothers, also joins the conversation. 

During the show, Nebbe also talks with Sean Moeller, founder of Moeller Nights, about some upcoming shows and his efforts to put Davenport on the map as a scene for music and entertainment in the Midwest.