Libertarian For 4th District Seat Wants Relief For Low-Income Earners

Aug 14, 2018

The Libertarian candidate for Iowa’s 4th Congressional District seat says low income Iowans should be able to keep more of their money.  Charles Aldrich of Clarion is running against Republican incumbent Steve King.  Aldrich says people who earn less than $350 a week shouldn’t have to pay federal taxes. 

“These people are working for poverty wages, and they shouldn’t be having to fork over their money because the government thinks that they can spend it more wisely,” he said.

People earning that amount of money are currently in the 10 percent federal tax bracket, although that can get some of their taxes refunded, or even a refund, through the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Aldrich is also calling for expanding medical marijuana laws, and for the U-S military to be purely defensive.  He is one of more than 30 Libertarians on the ballot in Iowa this November. 

Aldrich was speaking at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox at the State Fair.  Democrat J-D Scholten is also running for the 4th District seat.  He speaks at the fair on Saturday.