Kellie Kramer Talks About Navigating Divorce Through Cabaret

As a method for processing the end of a nine-year marriage with a gay man, Kellie Kramer has channeled her energy and emotions into a one-woman cabaret show, "All the Good Men Are Gay."  Kramer, an actor and singer who hosts Iowa Outdoors on Iowa PBS, pieces together the story of love and loss through songs that range from Judy Garland to "Weird Al" Yankovic. 

"If you have a story about your gay ex-husband, cabaret seems like the right art form to express it," Kramer says. "But I wanted to start putting together some stuff for myself, and I thought, well if I'm going to do a cabaret where I get to sing and tell stories, if I only get one shot at doing one, let's do the big one." 

Kramer will be performing her cabaret show at Noce in Des Moines on Jan. 31. 


  • Kellie Kramer, actor, singer, and host of Iowa Outdoors on Iowa PBS