Java Blend Exclusive Hour With Susan Werner

Jan 13, 2014

Tune in for a special edition of Java Blend with Iowa artist and small-town advocate, Susan Werner.
Credit Susan Werner

In this episode of IPR Studio One's "Java Blend," host,  Ben Kieffer will chat with Iowa roots artist, Susan Werner.

Listen and download the podcast to find out more about her new album, Hayseed.

Werner is a true performer and a veteran Java Blend artist. She connects her music to contemporary agricultural problems in songs like "Herbicides." At the same time Werner is grounded in the real-world experience of her life growing up as a farm kid.

At age five, Werner made her debut playing guitar and singing at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Manchester, Iowa. She has released many albums since her childhood career, starting in 1993 with her self-released album Midwestern Saturday Night.

Although she has been dubbed the "Empress of the Unexpected" and is known for changing her style, Werner decided to come back to her Iowa roots with Hayseed. Her new tour is devoted to her farm upbringing, featuring songs like "Bumber Crop" and "Herbicides."