IWO Flute Quartet Live!

Mar 14, 2017

Iowa flutist, conductor, and composer Harvey Sollberger received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Flute Association in 2015, as well as a funding grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs for a recording and tour featuring work created over six decades of composing music in Iowa. The IWO Flute Quartet (named after the members' home states of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon) honors his achievements by performing his works on this performance live from IPR’s Studio One! The group’s purpose is “to provide excellent performances of the best repertoire for four flutes with special emphasis on new music.” You can now listen to this flute-filled Performance Iowa broadcast right here!

Flutists: Sydney Carlson, Leonard Garrison, Jennifer Rhyne, Paul Taub


FRANÇAIS                 Le Colloque des deuz perruches for flute and alto flute (Jennifer Rhyne and Sydney Carlson)

SOLLBERGER            Aurelian Echoes for flute and alto flute (Leonard Garrison and Paul Taub)

SOLLBERGER            A selection from Second Grand Quartet