Iowa Woman Uses Her Time in Prison to Help Others

Feb 7, 2019


In 1995, at 16-years-old,  Jamie Ross was sent to prison, convicted of second degree murder. She was sentenced to 50 years, but was released after less than nine. That time spent in prison was powerful for her, and she says it turned her life around.  


Jamie Ross (then, Jamie Strasser), 1995
Credit Courtesy of Jamie Ross

Ross has built a life for herself in the 15 years that have passed since she was released from prison. She’s married, raising two sons, and has built a successful career that she loves. She has moved on, but she has chosen not to leave her past behind.


She’s working hard to help others and to continue to keep the memory of the man who was murdered alive. She volunteers with prisoners, speaks to young offenders, and tells her story to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.


On this hour of Talk of Iowa, Jamie Ross joins Charity Nebbe to share her story.