Iowa Woman Is Part Of Canine Search Group

Apr 5, 2019

Robin Greugel of Lucas, Iowa is part of a group of canine search and rescue handlers who are likely to be deployed to help with flood recovery in Nebraska.
Credit Courtesy photo

A southern Iowa woman is part of a canine search and rescue team that will likely be deployed to Nebraska to help with flood recovery.

Robin Greubel of Lucas works with a group of volunteers who are often called with little notice.

"We do that in a variety of different capacities whether it’s in a disaster or a lost or missing person such as a hunter or even, we work with law enforcement to work on criminal cases," Greubel said.

Greubel says depending on the assignment there could be as little as two or as many as 95 volunteers on the scene in various capactities.  She says on average canine handlers spend between five and ten thousand dollars of their own money each year to keep their dogs certified. Greubel has been part of canine search and rescue for 19 years.