Iowa Remodeling Projects Face Delays From COVID-19

Mar 24, 2020

Projects like this in Iowa may be finished, but homeowners can't move back in due to delays in inspections because of COVID-19.
Credit Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders

Some Iowa homeowners with recently completed remodeling projects are not being allowed to move back into their residence because of inspection delays.

Executive officer of the Greater Iowa City Area Home Builders Association, Karyl Bohnsack, says prior to COVID-19, demand for remodeling was booming. She said the problem now is that physical property inspections are limited.

“Our members are scheduling their jobs six months out and so if they are not able to complete the jobs they’re working on right now in the foreseeable future," she said. "In the next six months it’s just going to compound and snowball."

Bohnsack said some nearby states are experimenting with allowing virtual home inspections by way of Skype or FaceTime.