Iowa Cities to Determine Regulations for Uber This Year

Jan 20, 2015

David Stoltze has been driving for Uber for about a month now. He says the work is pretty straightforward. 

“Getting people from A to B safely, that seemed like something I could do,” Stoltze explains.

David Stoltze picked up producer Lindsey Moon and two students from Des Moines Saturday night. This is what an iPhone screen looked like when Stoltze was on the way.

It was Uber’s thorough checking into his past that he didn’t expect.

“The application process put me through the most extensive background check I’ve seen in applying for a job.”

During this River to River conversation, we hear from Stoltze as he gives two Des Moines residents a ride on a Saturday night. 

Host Ben Kieffer also talks with Des Moines City Councilwoman Christine Hensley and Cedar Rapids City Councilman Chris Gulick about how those cities might regulate Uber in the future. So far, safety concerns have been an issue, as well as what happens to existing taxi companies and regulations as new transportation networks come to Iowa. 

Dan McGehee, who directs the University of Iowa’s Transportation Safety Research lab, also joins the conversation.