Iowa Boating Safety Officials Launch Operation Dry Water

Jul 5, 2019

Several boating safety agencies will monitor random Iowa lakes and rivers July 5-7 looking for equipment violations and for those who are boating while intoxicated.
Credit Iowa DNR

A group of state, federal and local law enforcement officers will join forces Friday through Sunday to draw attention to the hazards of boating while intoxicated.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources Boating Law Administrator, Susan Stocker, says the effort called Operation Dry Water will use random check points on several of the state's lakes and rivers. She said they'll be especially looking for boaters who've had too much to drink.

"Even though people are surrounded by water they don't ever think they need to consume water to avoid being dehydrated, then throw in a couple of alcoholic beverages and you're really asking for trouble," said Stocker.

Stocker explained Operation Dry Water began 2010.   Last year, authorities issued nearly one hundred warnings or citations over the three day period. Many were for equipment violations, about a quarter were for drunken boating.