Iowa-based World Food Prize Honors Global Leaders in Child Nutrition

Oct 19, 2018


This week, British economist Lawrence Haddad and physician David Nabarro received the World Food Prize at a ceremony in the Iowa State Capitol.


The Des Moines-based prize honors the pair’s use of research to show political and business leaders that improving pregnant mother and child nutrition is critical to economic health. This work has been credited with reducing the number of stunted children globally by 10 million between 2012 and 2017.


Haddad and Nabarro will share equally the $250,000 World Food Prize, which was created by Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Iowa native Norman Borlaug in 1986 to recognize scientists and others who have improved the quality and quantity of food worldwide.


This week’s award ceremony was the centerpiece of the Borlaug Dialogue International Symposium, a three-day event which regularly draws over 12-hundred people from 50 countries to discuss cutting-edge issues in global food security.


In this segment, host Ben Kieffer discusses the value of Haddad and Nabarro’s work across the globe, and what they hope to accomplish with their awarded funds.