Iowa Attorney General Fights Robocall Madness

Mar 8, 2019

Research cited by the FCC estimates that almost half of all calls received in 2019 will be spam, and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is not pleased. 

On this "news buzz" edition of River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks with Deputy Attorney General Nathan Blake about the Attorney General's endorsement of a plan aimed at restricting spam calls. 

Also in the hour: 

  • A look at the week's top legislative headlines with IPR's Statehouse Reporter Katarina Sostaric
  • The Associated Press's Ryan Foley on his recent investigation into the human impact of felon voting restrictions in Iowa
  • IPR's own Pat Blank testifies in front of Congress
  • Researchers at Iowa State use math to explore the benefits of landlords disclosing a property's bed bug history to renters
  • Manganese levels leave an entire Iowa town with questionable drinking water