Incoming Auditor Says Medicaid is His Top Priority

Nov 19, 2018

Iowa’s incoming state auditor says his first priority when he takes office in January is to look at where things are in a state audit of Medicaid. That’s the government health insurance program for low-income and disabled Iowans. The privatization of Medicaid’s management was a dominant issue in the governor’s race. Rob Sand was the only Democrat elected in a statewide race to replace a Republican incumbent. He says he doesn’t know the status of the audit but will meet with the current auditor after the Thanksgiving holiday.

“My point in the campaign was always that it should have been started earlier,” Sand says. “It wasn’t started until just June of the election year when privatization had been going on for quite some time before that.”

Sand worked for the Iowa Attorney General as chief public corruption officer over the last decade and replaces Republican Mary Mosiman in January. Mosiman told reporters Monday the audit is coming soon.