How Many Times Did Democratic Candidates Visit Iowa In The Run Up To The Caucuses?

Feb 3, 2020

The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary may be scheduled back-to-back, but when comparing the Democratic candidates’ travel to each state, we see just how many more candidates prioritize visits to Iowa over visits to New Hampshire.

As of late afternoon on Feb. 3., the candidates held 1,137 events in Iowa and 682 events in New Hampshire.

What’s more, almost every candidate, including the top four polling candidates — former Vice President Joe Biden, Sens. Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg — have prioritized holding events in Iowa instead of New Hampshire.

The candidates holding the most events in Iowa and in New Hampshire are not leading in the state or national polls.

As of early Monday afternoon, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and businessman Andrew Yang held the most events in Iowa (at 191 each) and in New Hampshire, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has held the most events at 117.

The general prioritization of Iowa over New Hampshire could be due to several factors.

Historically, Iowa caucus results have been seen as more predictive for Democrats than the New Hampshire primary; Sanders and Warren have something of a home-turf advantage in New Hampshire being from neighboring states; Biden’s name recognition is strong, so he may feel he doesn’t need to campaign in New Hampshire as much; and the primary simply comes after Iowa.