Have You Ever Imagined How it Would Feel to Be a Prisoner of War?

Nov 15, 2018

Glory Denied is based on the true story of America’s longest-held prisoner of war, Vietnam veteran Colonel Jim Thompson. Colonel Thompson was captured when his plane was shot down in 1964 and endured extreme torture until his release in 1973. Colonel Thompson said the only thing that kept him going throughout those nine years were thoughts of his wife and children. However, his homecoming was not as he hoped.

Glory Denied “encapsulates something of the moral essence of the Vietnam War and the imperishable bitterness of its legacy.”

The Des Moines Metro Opera’s upcoming production of Tom Cipullo’s Glory Denied, based on the book by Tom Philpott, dives into the reality that our brave men and women face when they return home.

Michael Egel, Artistic Director of the Des Moines Metro Opera gives further insight below.

The Des Moines Metro Opera cast for Glory Denied:

  • Michael Mayes, Older Thompson, baritone
  • Kelly Kaduce, Older Alyce, soprano
  • John Riesen, Younger Thompson, tenor
  • Emma Grimsley, Younger Alyce, soprano
  • Music and text by Tom Cipullo
  • Based on the book by Tom Philpott
  • Directed by Kristine McIntyre
  • Conducted Joshua Horsch