Harvest Lags, And This Week's Snow Won't Help

Oct 29, 2019

Prime harvesting weather is fading in Iowa, but three-fourths of the state’s corn acreage isn’t yet harvested.

The latest update from the U-S Department of Agriculture Monday said Iowa’s corn harvesting lags 11 days behind the five-year average at this stage of the season.

As of this past weekend, one-third of the state’s soybean crop was still in the field.  That’s about a week behind average.

The National Weather Service says parts of Iowa are in for a bit more snow Wednesday. This cornfield near Peosta is included in that forecast.
Credit Dean Borg / IPR

Much of the eastern half of the state received 1 to 3 inches of light snow Monday night and early Tuesday, which could slow harvesting work this week.  The National Weather Service is predicting another inch or two of snow across much of southern and eastern Iowa on Wednesday.