Gurf Morlix Studio One Live Set Broadcast

Oct 30, 2015

The name "Gurf Morlix" is memorable, and if you've ever listened to alt-country ( a term frequently used to describe a certain type of roots-based singer/songwriter music, often emanating from Austin, Texas) you have probably come across that name.  Morlix began his career in music as a producer for some of the major figures in alt-country.  Only later did he begin to record his own songs.  His new record is Eatin' At Me, and I recently had the pleasure of talking with Gurf about that and much more.  He stopped by IPR's Cedar Falls studios while coming through Iowa on his current tour, playing a generous selection of his songs during the interview.  Tune in to Studio One Tracks Friday, Oct. 30 around 8:00 PM to hear his great live set!