Growing Water Use Poses Threat to State's Largest Aquifer

Mar 3, 2015

Water use in Iowa has climbed 72% since the 1970’s, and according to state officials, current usage rates are unsustainable. 

State Geologist Bob Libra says that unless we put some more thought into how we use the aquifer, we’re all in trouble. 

How much water do you think you use per day? One toilet flush uses about 3 gallons of water.

"We've focused a lot of attention on water quality, but we’re leaving out part of the picture," he says. 

During this hour on River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks with Libra and Todd Steigerwaldt,  who manages Marion’s water department and is leading a task force charged with recommending what new rules would look like. 

John Horrell, who supervises Fort Dodge's water plant, and John Dunn, who directs Ames' Water and Pollution Control Center. 

Dunn says in the last few years, the city of Ames has restructured water rates, especially during peak usage times in the summer, to cut back on water usage.