Grieving Parents Lobby for Overdose Bill

May 21, 2015

Parents of grown children who died from drug overdose were at the capitol today lobbying for legislation they say might have saved lives.

Activists wore shirts bearing the name of Andy Lamp, a Davenport man who died of an overdose of heroin at the age of 33.    

His mother Kim Brown says a friend who was with him at the time was unable to help.

“He died May 25, 2011 of an accidental overdose,” Brown says.  “He wasn’t alone and I’m here in support of our overdose prevention bill.”

The legislation would give families and others access to a drug that counteracts an overdose.   It would also grant limited immunity if someone calls authorities. 

“They can call for help, stay at the scene, and cooperate with law enforcement,” Brown says.   “They would be immune from arrest for simple possession, being under the influence, and simple paraphernalia.”  

The legislation passed the Senate by a wide margin but stalled in the House.  It's now part of a catch-all spending bill that is under consideration in a joint House-Senate committee.