Gloom Balloon Keeps It Simple on Studio One Underground

Nov 6, 2017

Gloom Balloon albums are known for their extensive production, and Gloom Balloon live shows are known for their unpredictability and exuberance. For our October trip to the Des Moines Social Club, Gloom Balloon gave us something special for Studio One Underground.

With just an acoustic guitar and a piano, Gloom Balloon vocalist and songwriter Patrick Tape Fleming showed that Gloom Balloon's songs sound great, no matter how they're performed. In addition to some Gloom Balloon classics, our audience was treated to new interpretations of songs from the recent album Drying The Eyes Of The Goddess Of Gloom, Underneath The Stars And Moon, along with a tribute to the recently departed Tom Petty. Patrick was joined by Des Moines musicians Tina Haase Findlay, Patrick Riley and H.D. Harmsen for much of the night.

Listen to both of Gloom Balloon's Studio One Underground sets right here!