Generation Z Is The Most Diverse Generation Ever, And They're Ready To Caucus

Dec 12, 2019

Generation Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation yet, and they’re poised to be the most educated generation too.  In 2020, Gen Zers, many of whom are in their early 20s and late teens will also become the newest generation to head out on Caucus Day with the hopes of influencing the selection of the next Democratic nominee for president.

On this episode of River to River, we look at the political priorities of the nation’s youngest voters. Host Ben Kieffer is joined by high school and college-aged voters from across the political spectrum for a discussion about political civility, top candidates and what to expect from one's first-ever Caucus Night.

Ruth Igielnik of Pew Research Center also joins the conversation for a look at the latest data on Gen Z's political habits.


  • Ruth Igielnik, Senior Researcher at Pew Research Center
  • Sehba Faheem, Junior at Iowa State University and co-president of Iowa State College Democrats
  • Kyle Apple, Senior at University of Iowa and former president of University of Iowa College Republicans
  • Isha Kalia, Senior at Linn Mar High School in Marion