Folk Music Icon Pete Seeger Dies at 94

Jan 31, 2014

The world lost a great treasure on Tuesday, when Pete Seeger passed away.  From the early 1940’s until just last year, Pete inspired audiences with his singing, his enthusiasm, and his conviction that the world can become a better place.  Mark Moss of Sing Out! Magazine had this to say about him:

Pete, empowered by his special humanity and genius, had, early on, happened upon a few basic truths: Change comes from community. We are all stronger together than apart. And voices raised together in song can inspire and teach. He disliked what he often called “the cult of personality” – the kind of celebrity culture that divides us into entertainers and consumers – and often bristled at awards and recognition that shined a light on his own “fame” instead of the work, and the broader efforts of the communities he inspired.  (See full article here:

Songs he wrote and songs he popularized are a regular feature on The Folk Tree, heard on Sunday afternoons on the Studio One service.  This Sunday, Karen Impola will be paying tribute to Pete and his influence. Please join us, and if you have a favorite Pete Seeger song or a memory about him, let us know!

Pete Seeger at age 88 photographed on 6-16-07 at the Clearwater Festival 2007
Credit Anthony Pepitone