Floodwaters Cause Travel Troubles In Western Iowa

Mar 15, 2019

Floodwaters in western Iowa are affecting a big section of I-29 in the southwest part of the state.  The road has multiple closures between the Missouri state line and I-680 in Loveland, north of Council Bluffs.  The Iowa DOT is recommending long-distance travelers get around the closed section by using I-35 between Kansas City and Des Moines, and I-80 and 680 between Des Moines and Loveland.  I-29 is open north of that point.

Iowa DOT is also warning drivers that westbound I-680 could see some slow going this weekend.  Traffic has been reduced to one lane westbound because of damage to the roadway by flooding in that area earlier this week.

The state says many local roads near I-29 are also affected by flooding, leading to difficult traveling in many parts of southwest Iowa.

The Iowa DOT’s “Iowa 5-1-1” website shows numerous highway closures due to flooding.  Most are in western Iowa.