First Iowa Caucuses Held Internationally, And At Five Islamic Centers

Feb 3, 2020

Iowans are gathered at 1,765 caucus sites across the state in the first step of the state's nomination process for president. It was a historic night as Democrats held the first international caucuses, and the first caucus at a mosque. 

In addition to hosting satellite caucuses across the country, Iowa Democrats went international with locations in Glasgow, Scotland; Paris, France; and in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. 

The year's satellite caucus sites also included five Islamic centers. Quad-City Times reporter Graham Amrose was at a mosque in Des Moines, where Joe Biden won 6 delegates and Bernie Sanders won 3. 

Democrats also saw Gen Z voters get involved in the caucus process, with the youngest precinct captain Polk County has ever seen. Olivia Crum is 14 years old.