First Days on the Job: Executive Action, Claims of Voter Fraud

Jan 26, 2017

Since he took office Friday, President Donald Trump has signed a number of executive orders. He’s also continued to make claims that widespread voter fraud cost him the popular vote.

When you do this, you destabilize people's belief in objective reality. As an academic, this is something I found absolutely outrageous. - Dennis Goldford

Dennis Goldford is professor and chair of the Political Science Department at Drake University, and he says Trump’s assertions are ludicrous.

“There is absolutely no evidence of any credible, systematic or widespread voter fraud,” says Goldford.

“When he kept claiming that it was going to be rigged, out of about a billion votes cast, adding them all up, there were roughly 35 credible stories of voter fraud, which were mostly unintended or people who didn’t understand the rules. In this election, out of 140 million votes, there might have been 4 cases.”

During this hour of River to River, host Ben Kieffer talks with Goldford and Jeff Taylor, professor of political science at Dordt College in Sioux City.