Featured Release This Week From Franz Ferdinand + Studio One Tracks Top 30 Playlist

Mar 12, 2018

No doubt many have googled "Franz Ferdinand" and stumbled upon the fact that this was the guy whose assassination sparked World War I.  The band Franz Ferdinand began in Glasgow, Scotland in 2002.  They liked the alliteration of the name, and mused that perhaps one day they would be more well-known than the Archduke himself.  Releasing a solid, danceable indie rock album like Always Ascending every few years can only help to make that more and more likely.      

Here are the Top 30 new releases played on Studio One Tracks for the week ending March 11, 2018:

1    MGMT- Little Dark Age

2    Belle And Sebastian- How To Solve Our Human Problems

3    Django Django- Marble Skies

4    Shannon And The Clams- Onion

5    S. Carey- Hundred Acres

6    Franz Ferdinand- Always Ascending

7    Ty Segall- Freedom's Goblin

8    Calexico- The Thread That Keeps Us

9    Rhye- Blood

10   Anna Burch- Quit The Curse

11   Caroline Rose- Loner

12   Moby- Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

13   The Breeders- All Nerve

14   I'm With Her- See You Around

15   Danielle Duval- Lose It

16   Acid Dad- Acid Dad

17   The Regrettes- Attention Seeker 

18   Porches- The House

19   Tune-Yards- I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life

20   Loma- Loma

21   Hollie Cook- Vessel of Love

22   Soccer Mommy- Clean

23   Femi Kuti- One People One World

24   Shopping- The Official Body

25   The Go! Team- Semicircle

26   Hookworms- Microshift

27   Suuns- Felt

28   De Lux- More Disco Songs About Love

29   Buffalo Tom- Quiet And Peace

30   Dashboard Confessional- Crooked Shadows