Exotic & Farm Animal Rescues in Iowa: Helping Pigs, Parrots, and Zoo Animals

Nov 8, 2016

There are animal shelters and rescues all over the state dedicated to helping dogs, cats, and other pets. But for animals a little out of the ordinary, some extra care is necessary.

On this edition of Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe visits the Iowa Farm Sanctuary in Marengo, a new venture already filling up with pigs, goats, sheep, a newborn calf, and many birds. Shawn and Jered Camp co-founded the rescue this year, as a place to showcase the emotional and social intelligence of farm animals.

"We want to give these animals that were previously in the agriculture industry a safe place to live, where they don't have to worry about the horrors that are found in that industry," says Jered Camp.

"One of the other major things we want to do is humane education. ... We want to have people come out here and see these animals interact with other species and their own species, and show that these animals are more than just a product. They are sentient beings that experience complex emotions: friendship, joy, all those things that we, and our dogs and cats, also have."

Also on the show, a visit to the Iowa Parrot Rescue in Letts, and a discussion on rescuing exotic animals with Scott Wilson of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.