Early Voting Begins in Iowa

Sep 29, 2016

Iowa voters can start casting their ballots by mail today. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been campaigning in this state this week like it’s their last chance. Because with many voters it may be. Hillary Clinton campaigns in Des Moines today while Donald Trump was in Council Bluffs on Wednesday.

Iowa’s Secretary of State says he expects more than 35% of Iowa ballots to be cast early starting today. Republicans here have seen a slight increase in voters requesting absentee ballots since 2012, while Democrats have seen a big drop off.

Voter registration spiked ahead of the February caucuses.

“Traditionally that doesn’t happen. Contraire,” Pate says. “People probably assumed it did but statistically we didn’t usually see a huge uptick in that. But this past caucus was huge.”

Republicans have more registered voters than Democrats here in Iowa. But so-called no-party voters outnumber both of them.