Drake Students Rally Against Racist Hate

Nov 14, 2018

Hundreds of Drake University students rallied on campus Wednesday in response to some recent racist incidents. It was a call for students of all backgrounds to come together against hate.

Students carry signs denouncing racism at Drake University.
Credit Rob Dillard / Iowa Public Radio

In one case, a threatening racist note was slipped under a student’s dorm room door. Then earlier this week, robo-calls from an Idaho-based white supremacist group arrived on some 250 students land lines. Sophomore Manasi Singh from Clive says the incidents have served to galvanize the student body.

“The only thing these incidents have done to our campus is further united us and showed us what true solidarity means," she says. "We are here for each other, we are here for our students of color because Drake needs us.”

Singh says people involved in such incidents are not wanted at Drake.

“They do not have a home here, they will never belong here, and most importantly, they will never win," she says as students cheer.

Some of the hundreds of students who rallied against racist hate at Drake University.
Credit Rob Dillard / Iowa Public Radio

Singh is president of a newly formed group called Student Equity Action Partners. It came together over the summer to represent the interests of minority students at Drake.