Dessa Replaces Noname On The 80/35 Lineup

Jun 25, 2019

Heads up, Serious Music People: there’s been a change in the lineup for this year’s 80/35 festival. Rapper/songwriter Dessa will replace Noname, who recently canceled her summer tour.

Chicago rapper Noname  cited “continued health issues” as the reason for canceling her June and July shows. 

Noname has released two albums and has also received widespread acclaim for her collaborations with Saba and Chance The Rapper. 

Dessa is based in Minneapolis and is part of the Doomtree hip-hop collective. She’s released three solo albums, including 2018’s “Chime,” which reached No. 3 on Billboard’s alternative chart.

Iowans and IPR fans might know her from her show at Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City last April, or from her NPR interview about her experiences with the controversial therapy technique called neurofeedback.