Combat Winter Blues with Outdoor Fun

Jan 15, 2015

Winter is the time we're most tempted to bundle up and stay inside. But sunlight and exercise can be our best natural allies for the winter blues.

"At this time of year, being outside in bright daylight for 30 minutes a day, preferably coupled with exercise, is very, very helpful."

Nancee Blum is a social work specialist in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She says a classic 'healthy lifestyle' which includes physical activity, getting outdoors, and a balanced diet is essential to chase off winter blues.

Luckily in Iowa, there's lots of opportunity for that. Mindy Kralicek, writer for Iowa Outdoors, joins the conversation to talk about some of the outdoor opportunities available in Iowa: from old favorites like cross-country to new adventures like dog sledding to festivals happening around the state.

Host Charity Nebbe speaks with Kralicek, Blum, and Ginger Plummer, owner of Howling Hills Canine Campus, on this episode of Talk of Iowa.