Citizen K Paints Intimate Portrait of Unlikely Russian Rebel

Dec 30, 2019

This episode origionally aired on  11-7-19

Director Alex Gibney

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was once believed to be the wealthiest man in Russia.  In the 1990’s, Khodorkovsky rocketed to prosperity and celebrity, but his fortunes drastically changed. He ended up serving a decade in prison, and became an unlikely martyr for the movement against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Khordorkovsky’s story is the subject of Citizen K, a new documentary by Oscar-winning writer and director Alex Gibney. On this segment of River to River, Gibney joins host Ben Kieffer for a look at the new film, which will be screened by FilmScene in Iowa City on Sunday, November 10. 


Alex Gibney, writer/director of Citizen K.