Bridget Kearney Debuts A New Solo Album "Won't Let You Down."

Apr 5, 2017

Iowa City native Bridget Kearney, most known for her work as bassist for the band Lake Street Dive, is out with her debut solo album “Won’t Let You Down.” During this Talk of Iowa interview, she talks with host Charity Nebbe about her approach to songwriting, and the new music videos she created for this album. 

"Whenever I had time off from Lake Street Dive, I was really excited to be in the studio," she says. "It was a great way to keep engaging that side of my brain and to stay excited about music and songs." 

"I had a friend who said anytime I wanted to come into the studio and work on something, I could. So, I did that and eventually we had 10 songs." 

Kearney says her new album does not mean she's leaving Lake Street Dive and that its given her a lot of insight into roles she doesn't usually play. 

"I'm listening kind of with new ears," she laughs. "Being a lead singer is incredibly challenging. You're the face of the song, so you're the person. People are looking into your eyes. They are watching your every motion to see how you're understanding the song." 

Kearney is in Iowa City playing as a part of the Mission Creek Festival. See her tonight at the Mill in Iowa City at 10:00 p.m.