Bill Clinton tries to rally the Democratic base in Iowa

Oct 13, 2012

It's the final weeks of election season. And,  as Iowa Public Radio’s Sandhya Dirks reports democrats are calling on a familiar face to rally the base-- former President Bill Clinton.

Basically, they brought out the big gun. Clinton was stumping for Congressional candidate Christie Vilsack, She's in a close race with Republican incumbent Steve King. At a rally in Sioux City, the crowd showed the former President a lot of love.

Clinton told the crowd that he was here to break things down, "I decided in this election I wasn’t gonna give a lot of whoop-de-doo speeches, I try and explain things to people, I got offered a job as secretary of explaining stuff. You may have seen that."

The former president spent a lot of time going into detail on Medicare,  on the debt, and on the partisan battles in Washington. While he was in Sioux City to support the Vilsack campaign, he also spent a lot of time criticizing the Republican presidential ticket. Later he stopped by a fundraiser for Congressman Leonard Boswell. Redistricting has pitted him against fellow incumbent Tom Latham in a nationally watched race.