Artistic Iowa: Unique & Alternative Art Forms

Dec 30, 2016

Paintings, symphonies, and sculptures have long been considered art forms, but the last century has given way to newer forms of expression that many consider to be artistic.

A photo from the Abandoned Iowa Tumblr, a blog "documenting the forgotten, the collapsed, and the condemned"
Credit Mitch Nicholson

"Art is something that captures a lot of what we all agree upon is important or beautiful, but what makes it art is something that takes it into that realm of someone's imagination," says Todd Behrens, curator of the Sioux City Art Museum.

"It's something that holds to certain established standards for how something is made or composed while taking it into that level that previously we couldn't possibly have imagined."

This hour on Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe talks with Iowans involved in alternative art forms including graffiti, comic books, and video games.

She also talks with two artists who have taken a unique approach in their fields – a photographer who captures images of dilapidated structures and a painter who creates prosthetic eyes.

This program originally aired as part of IPR's 2016 Iowa Week during the month of September.