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Caucusing With The Democrats? Now You Can Check In Early

Tom Sparks/Flickr creative commons
Democratic caucusgoers face a Friday deadline to check-in early for the caucuses. It's not required, but is intended to streamline the process.

Iowa Democrats have until Friday to preregister to caucus this February as part of the state party's new early check-in process.

All caucusgoers have to check in with precinct officials in order to participate.

This year, the Iowa Democratic Party is letting caucusgoers check in early, to save time on caucus night.

Democrats can go to the state party’s website to enter their data and get a confirmation form.

Checking in early is not required, and Iowans can register with a party day-of at their caucus site.

But the early check-in is meant to streamline the process on Feb. 3, says John Deeth, who is coordinating the caucuses for the Johnson County Democrats.

“As far as preregistration, this is a pilot program the Democrats are trying where you can log in online at the Iowa Democratic Party website. Enter your data, and you'll be sent a form that you print out and bring to caucus," Deeth said. “Basically, it gives you permission to jump to the front of the line, you just turn it in, and then you proceed into the caucus room.”

With such a large primary field this cyce, Deeth says organizers are expecting a huge turnout on caucus night.

“More candidates equals more turnout, and we've got more candidates than we've ever had before. So look out,” Deeth said.

Deeth says caucusgoers should plan accordingly and give themselves enough time to get to their precincts early. 

Caucusgoers who are in line to enter their sites at 7 p.m. on Feb. 3 will be allowed to participate.