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Axne Expects Her Impeachment Inquiry Vote To Affect Her At The Polls In 2020

John Pemble/IPR filr
Cindy Axne represents Iowa's 3rd Congressional District.

Democrat Cindy Axne, who represents Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District, says she expects her vote Thursday formalizing the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump will affect her chances for a second term.

“Could it affect people like me in purple districts? I’m one of the eight most crucial districts in the nation. Obviously, there will be some impact," she says. 

Axne defeated Republican incumbent David Young in 2018 by carrying Polk County while losing the other southwest Iowa counties. She’s facing Young again a year from now. 

She made her comments during an interview with Ben Kieffer on Iowa Public Radio's River to River. Hear the podcast of the conversation here.